Monday, June 18, 2012

It's monday..and I missed U.

salam & hye,

It's monday. and everyone has start their routine back. school, work, class.. ouh monday blues!~

For me, its ok because I have a very nice great weekend. And it's more than enough for me. Thanks darl. a smile for you :)

Like I notice, today will be nothing much for me, since my mentor is on her leave. So, she cannot teach me a new lesson continued from previous week. It's now 8.35 in the morning..I'm still waiting for any task that I need to do by today..

It's 9.20 am and I'm very sleepy. Ouh forgot to mention, I had taken my breakfast (curry-puff and milo).
Every morning I'am sleepy because I'm still new here and I got nothing to do at office. Otherwise, other people are busy doing their job. Hurm. They are busy typing, and I also typing, but I type a draft for my entry. hehe.

930 am : I got first msg from him for today. yeyy! He's awake! ;)

notes : my mentor is not on leave actually. So around 2 pm I do some work, and learn new things. She give me cases around 20 to finish before go home.


Cik Siti Hajar said... [Reply]

monday takkan jadi blues if you had a great weekend...=]

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