Sunday, July 8, 2012

Love the way you are.

salam & hai,

ini entri takde tajuk. sebab malam ni nak merapu ape-ape je yang terlintas nak taip. hehe.
first sekali, esok hari isnin.. so,akan setat keje balik for 5 days sebelum jumpa weekend ..fuhh.. another tough week i guess.. sebab keje minggu lepas ade lagi yang pending. hm.

.... takde idea....

jumaat, sabtu , ahad yang indah.. tapi tak boleh nak story kat sini. hehe.. but U.. i know, u are reading this.. thanks for the moment.

sometime, there is a 'dot dot dot..bla bla bla' which are hard to explain. sebab tu trademark blog ni sejak azali lagi............."bukan semua perlu diucapkan"

love story, friendship, family.. these are such a priceless item that we cannot get from market. I've met someone's family and I can learn something. the way a mother control the family..the 'meaningful' touch by a sister..em..very beautiful. gonna miss that moment..kinda homesick rite now.. but its ok, I plan to go back hometown, maybe beginning of Ramadhan.

Lastly, if we can do something, that can make people feel better and happy .. why not? just be there.
As long as they can smile.. it's more than enough.. ;)
nites peeps.. thanks for reading..see ya in the next post. 


ELeEa said... [Reply]

Gembira utk kamu =)

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